60s hairstyles

60s Hairstyles


Some women even allowed their locks to hang down their shoulders, without having to style it. This hairstyle became a symbol of freedom, as women showed that straight, simple hair could be beautiful, too. 

Today, lots of women enjoy the 60s hairstyles, with a modern twist to them.


This style was normally done by using big, ping hair rollers, then brushed and teased and held in place with lots of hairspray. Yes, hairspray was definitely popular back then in order to achieve those popular styles. The bouffant technique adds height and drama to many hairstyles, and it is still used today.

The French twist hairstyle was used for long hair, just by twisting the hair into a loose ponytail and pinning it into place with a pretty comb or hair pins.

The Mop-Top, a hairstyle that could be worn either by a girl or a guy, was introduced by The Beatles. This style was considered very rebellious, especially for young men, since it was defined by its long shaggy locks.

In the late 60's, the natural trend started to take place. Women started to wear their locks more natural and relaxed, parting the hair down the middle or using a headband to pull it back.

The 60s hairstyles were full and teased, big hair being a major fashion trend. The 1960s hairdos were diverse, from bouffant, large flips, short pixie cuts, to long, flowing natural hair, with trendsetting celebrities like Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy and The Beatles.

To start with, we have the Bouffant, popularized by Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady. Jacqueline Kennedy had a big influence on the different trends, her bouffant hairstyle being an excellent example. The bouffant is medium in length and consists of having the locks turned up at the ends.

The beehive hair was another popular trend back in the 60's. This style consisted of having the hair piled up on top of the head. It was a sky-high updo, with maybe a couple of curls on the side. The locks were molded right on top of the head and it was similar to, as the name suggests a bee hive. To add extra height to their locks on the top of their head, women turned to extra hairpieces.

The pixie haircut is another trend that you may recognize. The pixie was made popular by Twiggy, who was a British actress and supermodel. It was a very popular super-short cut, shaggy, with bangs, very easy to maintain. As more and more women in that era were working to support themselves, the ease and glamour of pixie hairstyle made it their first choice.