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Dress Up An Outfit With A French Twist Hairstyle

With busy lives and packed schedules, many women don't have time to go all the way home and change between work and dates or other activities. For some, casual work-wear gets dull after a while, and they want to look more formal without being over dressed for the office. This is when the classic French twist hairstyle can come in handy.

Working best on medium to long hair, this style adds an element of class in only a few moments. While it is also possible to create the look with shorter hair, a minimum of a chin-length bob is recommended. Shoulder-length is actually ideal, as it provides enough hair to secure, without being overly bulky.

The look shows up often on television, particularly with female characters in high-profile or high-pressure positions. It is not messy or disorganized, but business-like. It also is less severe than a bun, and more mature than a braid. For those reasons, it is a very popular choice for interviews. An interview is a time to look powerful and organized, and this style helps with that for normal women as well as those on TV.

More enjoyably, though, it is easy to do in a restroom after work but before heading out. Packed schedules mean cutting time somewhere. For many single working women, that means changing for a date in the ladies room rather than going home first. A simple change of blouse and different shoes will often work, but a French twist fixed in place with a simple comb or two is even better.

Though it looks difficult to pull off, the French twist hairstyle is actually rather easy. Because of its classy image and how simple it is to do, a French twist should be in every woman's fashion arsenal.

French Twist Hairstyles